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Tools of the Trade: Insanely Masterful Expose Both Side Shots Courtesy of Lomography Films

Our fellow Lomographers never cease to amaze us with wonderful experiments when it comes to analogue photography. Case in point: these masterfully done shots from our own EBS masters from the community.

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this is amazing
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this is amazing

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Jon Jacobsen born 1989 in Quintero, Chile is a self-taught fine art photographer from Chile with a degree in graphic design and multimedia communication. He started creating conceptual self-portraits at age fifteen in his hometown. Jacobsen work contains graphic, narrative images utilizing symbolism and the surreal, and continues to evolve through fashion editorials and fine art photography, has been featured prominently in Chile both in exhibits and publications.
Jacobsen is based in Santiago, Chile where he continues to work with designers and artists both in Chile and abroad.

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